Rumors were floating around about President Obama playing a round of golf with Tiger Woods during his trip to Martha’s Vineyard.  Although the power 2-some never took place it did bring to mind a couple of questions.  Who have been the best Presidential golfers and what if Tiger were to enter into politics?


Golf Digest compiled a Top 10 list of Presidential golfers in its January issue.  John F. Kennedy is at the top of the list with Barack Obama placing a solid eight.   Probably one of the desert’s favorite Presidential golfers would be Gerald Ford who was on the list at number three.


Tiger has already commented that he may be retired prior to golf becoming an Olympic Event.  One couldn’t imagine a person with his presence simply slipping out of the public eye and into the shadows.  If he were heading down the political path his first step would have to be finishing his college education since he left after 2 years at Stanford to turn Pro.  However, he has gained a strong economics education since joining the PGA Tour in 1996.


I am sure there are some opinions about both of these topics and we would love to have them.


Rolland Vaughn

PGA Head Golf Professional

Indian Wells Golf Resort

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