Keep Your Stats

The best way to improve is by changing a weakness into a strength.  By accurately keeping golf stats you are able to quickly identify areas of the game where you excel and areas that need improvement.  I see a lot of amateur golfers spending their practice session hitting shots with their favorite club instead of focusing on areas of improvement.  Practice time should be spent working on the shot that you continually struggle with.  After you have gained confidence at the practice tee take the positive attitude to the golf course and your game will improve.


For all of you iPhone owners there is a great app called TeeShot.  It can be used to track your strokes, putts, fairways, clubs, and distances.  Also, it has a GPS that can be used to measure shot distance.  For the rest of you like me a small notepad works great.


Good Luck!



Rolland Vaughn

PGA Head Golf Professional

Indian Wells Golf Resort

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